Brand Strategy - Power of Nature, Power of People

There are already many famous chocolate brands existing in the global market now. In fact, many of them are selling an identity of wealth and luxury taste of the upper class with an expensive price. Thus, people tend to mix the concept of high quality chocolate with expensive chocolate. 

However, that is also the great chance for The Grenada Chocolate Company to declare their difference from those expensive ones or “looks expensive” ones. By emphasizing the special origins in the  


Caribbean sea and the unique methods of organic production and carbon neutral shipment, The Grenada Chocolate could attract a large amount of customers who cares more about the quality and feature of chocolate instead of the a luxury golden package. 

The design styles should keep the tropical colors and Caribbean identity, and show more about connect to nature. People should know the Grenada Chocolate as the pure gift from the great nature.


Key Visual Element




Sketch of Package

Color Pallette


Grenada Chocolate Rebranding

Brand Experience Design