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Strategic Direction for Cadillac - Powerful, Modern, and Bold.

Cadillac is different from any other normal American car brands because of its strong clean-cut shape and special status in the US car industry. It is such a great success that even the government chose Cadillac to be the official Presidential State Car. In this way, Cadillac could be consider as an Icon or symbol of America. Thus, from my point of view, Cadillac should improve its current branding strategy while maintaining aspects of its original design style instead of giving up its own style to follow European brands.


Cadillac could focus on the core spirit of itself that lasts all the time with the brand and stop doing redundant improper campaign. At least, a car brand should present its car products, not the interviews with famous people. The core value of those campaigns must be presenting the quality and specialties thatCadillac offers with its luxury impression. Then, it should keep the shield style logo and build up a more powerful design style with it while give up the bright colorful video advertisement which looks more like for new digital products.

As a top American car brand, Cadillac should spend more on the detail in experience of how costumers encounter and interact with it. All of its advertising materials should follow the same design language including all the photography, videos, websites, presswork, even Instagram. An integrated systematic planning of branding strategy could turn Cadillac into a whole new thing. A good example of re-branding is the American Airlines, which could be a guideline for Cadillac to consult. 



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